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Private Bass Lessons at the N Stuff School of Music

“Good bass players are hard to find”……We hear this day in and day out at N stuff Music. It seems there is a shortage a bass players in Pittsburgh!

If you have always wanted to learn how to play the bass, there is no better time to learn! With N Stuff Music’s School of Music we can introduce you to the world of music and help you start developing those bass chops! Our bass lessons are a private one on one instruction which is much more critical to learning than watching somebody on You Tube, you get hands on experience with the different techniques available to you for playing the bass.

N Stuff Music has taught generations of musicians from around the Pittsburgh area, so we absolutely have the knowledge, experience and talent to get you up and running. Lessons aren’t just for kids either, we also can instruct Adults and senior citizens as well. All N Stuff Music instructors have all the proper security clearances to instruct children and adults.

Bass Lesson Enrollment Form

Bass Lesson Tuition

All lesson tuitions are $25 per half hour session

Bass Lesson Times

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday:
- 3:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
- 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Lesson Policy

Lessons are scheduled at a set day and time and occur once a week. Payment for lessons is due at the beginning of the month for the entire month. Payment is for all scheduled lessons regardless of attendance. Payment is to be made via cash or check directly to the instructor.

Attendance Policy

In an event you cannot attend your lesson as it is scheduled, 24 hours’ notice must be given in order to be eligible for a make- up lesson. No exceptions. (1) Make-up per calendar month. These make-ups do not accrue if they are not used within 30 days.

We Observe the Following Holidays

Thanksgiving | Christmas Eve | Christmas Day | New Year's Eve | New Year's Day | Labor Day | Memorial Day | Fourth of July

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Lesson Program

Q: Do you offer make-ups for missed lessons?
A: Lessons cancelled with at least 24 hours’ notice are able to be rescheduled, subject to the instructor’s availability. (1 Make-up per calendar month)

Q: What if my teacher is absent?
A: If your instructor cancels a lesson (meaning the lesson is totally cancelled for the week, and not re-scheduled) you are not liable for the lesson fee. You will receive a credit for that lesson in the tuition for the following month.

Q: If I miss a lesson, do I still have to pay?
A: Because we have committed to reserving a specific time slot for you, that appointment time cannot be otherwise filled, and therefore payment cannot be refunded.

Q: How do I change my day or time?
A: Permanent lesson change forms are available at the rental counter and have to be turned in to our Lesson Manager.

Q: How do I withdraw from lessons?
A: In order to withdraw from lessons permanently, please let your instructor know when your last lesson date will be. A minimum 14-Day notice is required. No refunds will be given for early withdrawal.

Q: If I want to pull out of lessons, can you guarantee that my day, time and teacher will still be available when I return?
A: Keep in mind that if you choose to pull out of lessons, that spot is now available to other students to book into. We will do our best to work with your schedule and your request for specific teachers, but we cannot guarantee that there will be a spot for you when you return. If you are extremely inflexible with your day, time and teacher choice, then we suggest you stay in lessons even if you are going to miss a few classes. Remember that make-up lessons can be arranged for classes you miss. Throughout the year, those few lessons that you miss will not hinder your learning to play as much as it would to stop your lessons entirely.

Bass Instructors at The N Stuff School of Music

Steve Delach | Bass Lessons

Steve Delach - Bass | Guitar

Steve Delach began playing guitar at the age of ten and quickly realized his life's pursuit. In his teens, Steve won numerous guitar competitions in the Pittsburgh area and went on to graduate from the Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA), where he learned to hone his skills. He has been profiled in Guitar World and Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazines. This led to recording a track for Mark Varney's "Guitar on the Edge" project, which also featured Brett Garsed, Allan Holdsworth, Shawn Lane, and Carl Verheyen. Steve has authored three books published by Mel Bay: Getting into Rock Guitar, The Rock Guitar Workout and Altered States: Applying Diminished and Whole Tone Concepts to Rock Guitar. Fellow Mel Bay author/guitarist Corey Christiansen says: "Steve Delach is a special musician. He's a great player and a great teacher... the two don't always go together. He combines his flawless technique on the guitar with great theoretical knowledge to create awesome music. He is the type of player and teacher that continues to grow and mature. His understanding of the guitar and his ability to eloquently speak and write about it on many levels makes him a teacher worth seeking out. Oh yeah, and he's a nice guy!"

Steve has also served as an instructor at Duquesne University's Guitar and Bass Workshop which has featured guest clinicians such as Johnny Smith, Jimmy Bruno, Sid Jacobs, Reb Beach and Gary Hoey.

In addition to teaching, Steve is an active guitarist in the Pittsburgh scene. He's the guitarist for Billy Price (former singer for the legendary guitarist Roy Buchanan). Billy says of Steve: "Steve Delach is an accomplished, versatile, tasty, soulful guitarist who has enhanced my sound in the Billy Price Band for the past 6 years. He is also a great guy and a pleasure to work with."

Steve is also a member of Cityscape, which feature some of the top musicians in town, including vocalist/guitarist Pete Hewlett. Pete has toured and recorded with Billy Joel, Elton John and Carly Simon. "I have worked with Steve for a couple of years and will say that of all the guitar players I've worked with over the years, Steve is right at the top. His technique, his tone, his ability to play any style of music from Jazz to Rock, to Metal, to Blues, Pop and Country , you name it, are always tastefully, and masterfully delivered. No doubt "the man can play." Great attitude and great player."      - Pete Hewlett

Ian Edwards | Bass Lessons

Ian Edwards - Bass | Guitar | Ukulele

Ian has been lucky enough to have had several wonderful guitar teachers throughout the years. Many of them he stays in contact with because of the bond they've developed through music. He took lessons from many notable teachers such as Jimmy Ponder, Joe Negri, Colter Harper (Rusted Root), Martein Oster (Norah Jones) and many others. It was through their guidance that Ian began to be able to work as a professional musician from quite an early age.

What first sparked any interest in music was when Ian was twelve and was looking through his dad's CD collection and he put on Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. The sounds that these musicians made together made a lasting impression on him. Around the same time, Ian began getting into classic rock, idolizing many classic guitar players like Hendrix and Page. Soon after his interest had been sparked, he got a used Stratocaster and began taking lessons here at N Stuff Music. It wasn't long before Ian started getting involved in musical projects. One notable project was at age sixteen he had the pleasure of performing with Dave Eggar (Grammy Nominated Cellist) as part of a production put on by Attack Theatre. In high school Ian was already certain that his life would be music. He had started and been a part of several bands, had joined his high school's orchestra as an upright bass player, took college level music theory and was taking private lessons on the side. As a final project in high school he spent nearly a year writing and arranging a piece of music to be played by his school's orchestra. Ian looks back now and is still very proud of his composition.

After high school, it was clear that Ian wanted to continue his studies in music and started looking into music schools. He ended up deciding to audition for several music schools in Holland. This was due mostly to how affordable the tuition was but also because the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, he had read, was one of the top schools for jazz guitar in the world. It was settled in his mind that he should prepare and audition to get in.

Ian spent five years in Amsterdam studying jazz guitar at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. He began to find work on the side gigging around Amsterdam. Ian got steady work as part of the house band in one of Amsterdam's famous theatres, De Engelenbak. He can point to that job as a great experience for a growing professional musician. They'd be given sheet music, often only a few minutes before they had to perform and would do so every week in front of hundreds of audience members for a few years. Soon after that a wonderful opportunity presented itself. Ian and his good friend Paul started to make recordings of friends from school simply because they enjoyed it. A few months of this and they had people calling them all the time to make recordings. They honed their skills and quickly started developing a reputation. About a year in, the space that they managed to create a little studio in was scheduled to be torn down. They found a music studio for rent outside of Amsterdam. It was about ten times more expensive than what they had been paying for the previous studio. They had to get quite a big loan to make it happen and after several stressful months they moved in to their new studio. However, it was very tough. They had to have at least five projects in every week to cover the costs and both of them were still in school as well. The studio gained a reputation and they even started getting referrals from the larger, well-established studios in Holland. During this time, Ian got a call that George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic was in Amsterdam for a show and wanted some studio time. The next day George Clinton and most of Parliament Funkadelic walked in to their modest studio. The session went smoothly and although Ian was incredibly nervous, the whole experience is something he can look back on fondly. Other notable accomplishments of their studio was recording Fred Wesley (James Brown) and having one of the albums mixed at their studio get into the top of the charts in Poland. Regardless of their growing success, the cost of keeping the studio running was taking its toll on them. After several years Ian made the decision to move on to new things. It was around this time that he graduated from school. Ian decided to move back to Pittsburgh and within a few months got his current job teaching for N Stuff Music. Ian has been happily teaching for N Stuff Music ever since.

Ian currently teaches guitar, bass and ukulele at N Stuff Music and plays bass in the band Pet Clinic.