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If you're looking for a microphone that has an uncanny way of picking up isolated sound a shotgun microphone is exactly what you're looking for. Though the name might be unfamiliar, you've most likely seen shotgun microphones being used in videos of recording studios for music or voice-over work for film. A specialty of shotgun microphones is to reject any off-axis sound as they have a very tight beam in which the sound is received and will not pickup general sound around the microphone nearly as much as others.

Because of the narrow pickup angle of a shotgun microphone and its ability to reject off-axis noise, the mic can be located much further from the source than a standard microphone and still achieve great sound. One of the most common uses for shotgun microphones is in TV or film applications. This way subjects in the film or on TV do not need to wear or hold a microphone in order to be picked up by a microphone. It helps improve the aesthetic and thematic nature of a TV show or film by being sure any microphone visibility is gone from the picture.

There are a couple very common ways of using shotgun microphones that you will see. These mounts include different hardware that allow you to utilize your shotgun mic in various ways. First is the boom, which is a very common application in TV or film that allows you to fix the microphone to a stand and hold above, below, in front, or around the sound source. Then you have a pistol grip mount which enables you to closely carry and aim a shotgun microphone to capture audio.

Be sure when using a shotgun microphone that you get a wind screen for it because they can be very susceptible to wind noise when used for outdoor applications. With the right windscreen you can eliminate lots of the excessive wind noise and obtain a good recorded sound regardless of the wind conditions.

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