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The world of lighting is just that, an entirely different world that can be completely daunting if you've never dabbled in it. That is why we at N Stuff Music are here to make your life as easy as possible with regards to selecting the right lighting and other gear you need to complete a venue, stage, or for your own personal lighting rig. Our lighting department associates are industry experts that have worked running lights and making installs professionally for years. In the city of Pittsburgh and surrounding region venues and bands know that our lighting gear selection is second to none. While our selection rivals the big corporate chains, our customer service is true to the family-owned business that we are. Contact us at N Stuff Music and we will work with you to solve your lighting needs.

Lighting is undeniably one of the unsung heroes of any performance. Stage managers and directors know that lighting will truly make or break a play, musical, or practically any live venue performances. Outside of background music gigs, or some bar gigs, any venue or place that plans on having professional music will need to have adequate lighting in order to bring the right atmosphere to the room. With a proper set of spots and par cans you can begin building a quality lighting rig for some theatre, spoken word, music, or a host of other events.

There are several main types of lights that we should cover so you know what you are looking for.

Spotlights: Spots are one of the most obvious types of stage lighting that you have most likely come across. Their job is to maintain focus on a person, item, or location on the stage both while it is stationary and as it moves. If you've been to a professional show you have seen the person standing behind the spotlight moving it as the main character moves, but now most spotlights can be operated remotely.

PAR Cans: PAR cans, are not made to follow an exact person or spot like spotlights are, although you can adjust them. Instead, they provide a flat light to an area and range in the size of light coverage they create. They can be set to be spot-like in definition or expanded to flood an entire area with light. On stages if you see lights hanging from the ceiling that will flush a stage with color that is almost always PAR Cans and wash lights.

Different Types: While effect lights are also very common, effect lights, strobes, and lasers, are not as ground-level and basic than spotlights and PAR Cans. We can go ahead and consider lasers, strobes, and a few other types of lights under the umbrella of effect lights. You can tell if something is effect by if it creates a certain design or pattern of light such as hearts, shapes, or made to create different beams and images in conjunction with a fog or haze machine.

We also have a variety of different light controllers and interfaces that make creating presets and managing lights live as easy as possible, as well as accessories for mounting and securing lights to the fixtures you're using. For more information regarding our selection of lighting gear contact us at N Stuff Music today.