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N Stuff Music is the go-to stop for drummers in all of Pittsburgh and the region. This is because our clientele know us as a reliable place that has both a great selection of the drum gear you need in addition to unparalleled customer service. But, with the inclusion of our innovative online platform and website we are now able to bring our signature customer service and product selection to drummers from all over the U.S. and even internationally. While N Stuff Music has the care and attention of the family-owned business that we are, we have a vast inventory of drum and percussion products and put customer value first and foremost.

Here at N Stuff Music you don't have to worry about buying your drum and percussion gear from a guitarist like some music stores. Just ask for Matt, our in-house drum expert and sales engineer whose playing experience and vast product knowledge can help cater you to the direction of the products that will most closely satisfy your needs. Several other employees here at N Stuff are also seasoned and skilled drummers so you can be sure you'll be surrounded by drummers who know the instruments inside and out.

It doesn't matter what your skill level or experience is playing drums; here at N Stuff Music we always make sure to carry products and deal brands that provide value to the full spectrum of skill levels and experience.

Are you or your child a beginner looking to begin their musical journey? No problem, we carry drum sets that provide a reliable and affordable package for your first drum set in addition to small kits available for children and those who might enjoy the comfort of a compact style kit. For brands that provide great options for beginners check out Ludwig, Pearl, CB Percussion, and Yamaha.

There is a reason that professionals from all over the region shop at N Stuff Music because they know that we reliably carry the best brands and elite drum products so that they can continually find the best available in drums. Between our regular stock inventory and special orders you can get any product ranging from brands such as DW, Gretsch, Ludwig, Tama, and Yamaha.

Where would music be without the iconic drumming of artists like Steve Gadd, Neal Peart, John Bonham, and Buddy Rich, among others? The answer is nowhere. It is the drummer that provides the groove, the feel, and is truly the spirit behind the music.

For optimum product selection and customer service N Stuff Music is the place to shop. We consistently take the proper steps to handle your orders with care to ensure customer value from start to finish. You can only get this kind of care and attention from a family-run business like N Stuff, but don't be fooled because our inventory and dealers will still rival the big box corporate chain stores. Contact us today with any of your drum needs and we will surely guide you in the right direction to making the music inside of you.