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Among the most popular of all used gear at N Stuff Music is used DJ and lighting gear. In today's musical climate and social scenes there is an abundance of need for good DJs to create the brilliant stylings of electronic music, EDM, and other popular styles in order to create that party atmosphere. DJ gigs are consistently available all across cities, urban areas, and even suburbs. Whether its raves, parties, weddings, club dances, night clubs, or a variety of other situations, these places all need the best in lighting gear and DJ in order to truly create that electric atmosphere.

At N Stuff Music we are not merely some place to buy guitars, basses, and drums. We are one of the largest merchants for lighting gear and DJ gear in all of Pittsburgh and the entire region. We thoroughly believe in carrying the equipment and gear that is needed to fuel today's music scenes, club scenes, and social atmospheres. Our used DJ and lighting gear is among our most popular used inventory in our entire used department. If you see something that you want be sure to jump on it immediately because used DJ and lighting gear is highly in demand.

Looking for Ableton controllers or DJ turntables? You're at the right place. Assembling a DJ rig is an expensive endeavor and can be difficult to go about. But by purchasing used you are getting much more affordability while still getting a quality item from N Stuff Music. We are not like other used departments here at N Stuff. Most stores will simply take whatever gear comes their way and just seek to turn a profit. But when potential used gear comes into our store we thoroughly test it and inspect it to be sure that it can provide an abundance of value to future customers.

Check out our used department for an affordable selection of all lighting gear. We often carry lighting products such as controllers, trusses, lights, and any quality used lighting equipment we can get our hands on. If you have questions on assembling a lighting rig and quality products to get just ask one of our lighting guys to guide you in the right direction and they will get you started with the right products you need. A good band often has a great lighting rig, it is that special sauce that will truly take your shows to the next level.

At N Stuff Music you can find an assortment of used DJ and lighting gear in our used department. This provides an affordable option to allow you to assembling your DJ or lighting rig but hopefully without breaking the bank. DJ and lighting used gear is very popular so if you see something you want be sure to act quickly!