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Electronic Service Department at N Stuff Music

With the main focus of our business philosophy being the ”customer service” part of the job, it made perfect sense to our founding fathers to have our own in house service department from day one.

Since 1968 N Stuff Music has been providing that in house quality service on all types of Musical equipment. We repair new, used and vintage gear, and we are also FACTORY AUTHORIZED for most brands!

N Stuff Music Specializes in Tube amp and solid state amplifier repairs, including overhauls, re-tubing and re-biasing, modifications and general maintenance, which includes a cleaning and bench test. We also offer tube testing with our state of the art tube tester.

We also specialize in electric piano, electronic keyboard and synthesizer repair, with a strong emphasis on key bed issues. We also work on most other music gear electronics, mixers, power amps, speakers, powered speakers and microphones.

There are some items that we feel you would be better served sending back to the original manufacturer, or their national service center; in these cases we are happy to act as the go between and get your item packed up and shipped out to wherever it needs to go.

We guarantee our labor on repairs for 30 days. This guarantee is limited to only the repairs done by us, and on gear that is only used under normal operating conditions. Some examples of non- normal conditions: playing a gig in the middle of the Sahara, DJ'ing a Penguin Rave in the Artic, or using the equipment outside of the manufacturer’s design parameters.