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At N Stuff Music we have the necessary accessories that you need for your instrument, audio gear, amplifier, or anything else. Leave it to us to take the confusion out of finding the minute gear you need to have your instrument, sound, or recording rig function at its best. We'll work with you when you shop with us to thoroughly determine that you are getting the necessary products for your musical purposes. Our representatives kindly ask you questions regarding what you have and what you are looking for, as well as they will offer suggestions if you need for items that could make your setup run more smoothly.

Are you a public school, college, or private studio music educator? If so, N Stuff Music is the place you want to shop to find the accessories necessary for your studio. We have mouthpiece kits for clarinet, neck straps for saxophone and clarinet, marching lyres, drum sticks, and more for you to be sure that your music program has all of the necessary gear.

When shopping with us we get to know our regular clients in such a way that we can become accustomed to your needs and better cater our products and services to what you're looking for. Our regular customers, including music educator accounts, know that we will consistently give them efficient, thorough, and highly affordable products and valued customer service. Having an account with us is a guaranteed way to receive fast, consistent, and thorough customer service on a regular basis.

Many guitars that include preamp systems, active electronics, electronic pickups, and guitar pedals, require 9volt batteries in order to function. In our inventory we have the batteries and power supplies necessary for you to consistently have your gear function at its best.

Check out our selection of stools if you're a guitarist who likes to use a stool when performing live or during practice. We even have stools for sale that have a guitar stand attached to it so you can have a secure place for your instrument between sets without needing to carry extra gear.

Gaffe tape will make your life much easier as a live sound engineer or recording engineer. At N Stuff Music we have rolls of gaffe tape always for sale so that you know the place to return to for your equipment essentials.

For more information regarding our selection of accessories contact us today and one of our representatives will gladly help you. If you care about inventory selection and customer service there is no better place to shop!