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In today's musical climate there is plenty of demand for quality live sound engineers and recording engineers to properly recreate music both live and in the studio. Whether its monitors, preamps, microphones, cabling, or any other possible recording product you can count that we will have it available at N Stuff Music. But as we all know, it is an expensive endeavor and difficult to assemble all of the gear that you need to establish a recording rig. At N Stuff Music you have access to a used department that is flush with recording products that are priced affordably. There is no better way to budget than buy shopping in the used department here at N Stuff Music.

Studio monitors are a great option to shop for used. Studio Monitors will give you pristine audio quality and balance that creates a music listening atmosphere like you've never heard before. Now at the N Stuff Music used department you have the ability to gain this quality at an affordable price seen practically nowhere else.

When they arrive to N Stuff Music, like all potential used products, we test and inspect them to be sure they are fully functional. Then we give them a very affordable price that gives customers a viable option if they are not interested in purchasing new. We regularly have studio monitors available in our used inventory and they have ranged from companies like JBL, Yamaha, Pre Sonus, Alesis, and a variety of other brands.

In our used inventory you will also find mic preamps for your recording rig. Products like the Behringer A/D D/A converter with ADAT interface and mic preamps will provide incredibly clear preamps, a highly usable interface, and all for a very affordable used price.

Looking for an incredibly convenient recorder that will effectively capture live performance? In our used department you may find Zoom Handy Recorders. These incredibly exciting and petite recorders come with switchable microphone capsules for different patterns in an X/Y configuration to obtain a high quality studio sound. Zoom recorders have become a huge hit because of their incredible convenience but ability to record quality audio.

In our used department you can also find audio interfaces that will enhance your ability to take your YouTube videos and add incredibly high quality audio or any other quality audio you are looking to record. Interfaces give you the ability to work cooperatively with various audio programs such as Garage Band, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and other programs with your computer to record directly to it.

For those of you looking for the best combination of affordability, used quality, and customer service N Stuff Music is the place you need to shop. When purchasing used from N Stuff Music you can be sure you are gaining quality. We thoroughly test and inspect any piece of potential used products that come into our store. We are not in the business of ripping people off, we are in the business of providing customer value.