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Looking for a great selection of music stands? N Stuff Music is the place you need to shop. Music stands are an essential tool for any musician so be sure to do yourself a favor and get one today. We have all of the varieties of music stands and music stand accessories that you need to effectively gig, rehearse, and practice efficiently.

Everybody has seen the guy on the gig who forgot to bring a music stand. They desperately try to read off of someone else's, read music on their amp, try to rest it on their knee, or some other bad idea that doesn't end up working. But you are better than this because you've arrived at N Stuff Music!

Look amongst our selection and you will surely find a music stand that services your needs. Or contact us, let us know what you need in a music stand and accessories, and we will return to you with a selection of products that best fits your needs and what you're looking for.

Our public school, private school, and university clients will be pleased to know that we have orchestral-style music stands available. If you're running a music program you know it's a challenge to make music stands last through all of your classes, rehearsals, and performances. At N Stuff Music we have orchestra stands from brands such as Stageline and Hercules that will withstand the test of time and the durability that will be demanded from them. These give you a great surface to read music from as well as adjustable features to arrange them in a way that is most comfortable to play.

For working and gigging musicians we have stands that are portable and lightweight, but sturdy enough to handle the charts you need to read for gigs. We have stands available from brands such as Strukture that are a great marriage between collapsible and sturdy. It can be cumbersome to travel with a metal orchestral stand because of their size, but you also don't want a stand that isn't strong enough to hold the charts for the gig. Get a stand with folding capabilities and a strong desk to be portable for gigs while maintaining the night after night durability.

Beginners and those looking for a stand to use for rehearsal and home practice can find a selection available that is perfect for them. Collapsible stands will fold completely along with the foldable desk and tuck under a bed or out of the way. These are also very lightweight and transportable. While they don't have the sturdiness and durability of others, they are inexpensive and will get the job done for you.

Your music stand needs can surely be filled here at N Stuff Music. Check out our selection of stand accessories that will allow you to use tablets and other items mounted on your stand as well. Contact us via our website chat, by email, over the phone, or in person at our store's location.