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Used Karaoke

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Ahh, one of the most timeless passions we all love to do, Karaoke! What would a great bar be without that classic Karaoke night? Nothing! Karaoke is a classic party favorite that gets an audience or group lively and enjoying the atmosphere. If you are starting your own karaoke business or looking to open up a karaoke night at your establishment N Stuff Music has the necessary karaoke gear for you to do so. Whether its systems, speakers, microphones, or cables you can find them in our inventory. Want karaoke gear on a budget? You're in luck, at N Stuff Music we have used karaoke gear available in our used inventory.

When thinking about used gear affordability is always what comes to mind. That's why at N Stuff Music we are sure to provide very affordable prices to our used inventory in order to provide incentive to those whom would like to opt for used gear instead of brand new. At N Stuff Music when purchasing used you can be sure you're getting quality because all potential used gear that enters our store is thoroughly tested and inspected to be sure that it is functioning its best for future customers.

At N Stuff Music customers also have the ability to rent gear through us as well. Rental is a great way to get gear like Karaoke gear that you might only need for one time or only on occasion. We offer a very affordable rate for you to use our rental equipment. Upon renting with us we will provide you with all of the necessary karaoke equipment that you need and must be done in person at our store's location so that we can take photo ID and physically give you the rental equipment.

Purchase karaoke software from us here at N Stuff Music so that you can professionally deliver at your establishment or next gig. You cannot go wrong with the fun that karaoke provides for people of all ages and interests in music. Whether it's a birthday party, corporate event, or karaoke bar night we have the gear that will surely cover your event and make it run smoothly.

For the ultimate in product selection and customer service you cannot beat N Stuff Music. Our used department is one of the most formidable in Pittsburgh and the surrounding region because we match affordability and quality like no one else. For information on our product selection contact N Stuff Music today!