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Used Percussion

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At N Stuff Music we do not merely limited our used inventory to guitars, basses, keyboards, and drums. Instead, you'll be pleased to find that we also make an effort to consistently carry used percussion gear as well. Whether its hand drums such as congas, bongos, djembes, you can find them available in our used department for an affordable price. Looking for an affordable price on a cajon? Cajons have really taken the music industry by storm as they are becoming increasingly popular every year. They are a great way to have an all-in-one percussion, bass, snare, instrument that you can perform acoustically in small rooms or in a band on a stage. Check our used inventory here at N Stuff Music to find an affordable price on a good-quality cajon.

An affordable way to shop for hand drums is in our used department. But don't worry, we aren't like most stores with used departments. Most stores will take whatever gear they can to sell in their used section to quickly turn around a profit. But at N Stuff Music we take the time and care necessary to put all used gear through the paces to be sure it meets our standard of quality so it can continually provide value to future customers. With our percussion gear that comes into the used department you can guarantee that it has been tested to be sure it is fully functional.

Are you looking to sell your used percussion gear? We offer consignments as well as trade-ins for you to get rid of your used gear. With consignments we inspect your gear, then work with you to determine a fair price to sell it for so we can move it quickly for you but also provide value to both parties. Then, upon its sale we take just a small percentage of the total so you do not have to pay to a variety of different sources like if you used some type of online business. Also, when consigning at N Stuff Music we place your products on our store, website, and eBay store in order to get as much exposure as needed to sell your used gear.

For all of you who are looking to purchase or sell used percussion gear we are the place for you. N Stuff Music isn't just a guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums store, instead you can find all sorts of instruments, DJ equipment, lighting, recording gear, and plenty of other products. We have award-winning customer service because our attitude has always been to put customers first since we opened doors in 1968. For the best in used inventory and customer service visit us today at N Stuff Music.