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In the advancing technological world music has not gone untouched. At N Stuff Music we thoroughly believe in providing the cutting edge music technology that is being created constantly by manufacturers. If you're looking for used DJ technology and gear this is the right place to be. Used DJ gear has become a very popular market segment because of the high demand for affordable options for DJ gear. In our used inventory we strive to consistently stock used DJ technology products, although there is lots of interest in them, so if you see something you like ask fast!

Looking for a digital turntable that is compatible with Abelton Live and a variety of other DJ programs? We always have a variety available brand new in our inventory, but if you're looking for a great deal our used inventory is the place to look. We have DJ consoles with digital capabilities regularly in our used department because we make the effort to get them in used because we know how much DJs and those trying to assemble their rig need to be able to budget.

For those of you who are in the beginning stages of DJ'ing and need advice on getting started just ask us here at N Stuff Music! Several of our music technology engineers and sales engineers have years of DJ experience. They are eager to take your needs and pursuits in DJ'ing to determine the products that are going to most easily get you started and provide you a great basis to build from. We are also glad to demonstrate and show you how any of our products work and can get you started mixing beats on your own!

At N Stuff Music you can also purchase the latest in music creation and production software, Albeton Live. Ableton is the ultimate way to compose, create, finish, and perform your music with loops, recorded instruments, samples, and host of other capabilities and sounds that bring you to the forefront of mixing beats.

We are not merely a guitar shop, instead we have become one of the largest retailers for musical gear, whether it be instruments, amplifiers, speakers, lighting, DJ gear, rental, used equipment, software, and others. But what really sets N Stuff Music apart is our incredible customer service. We take the care and time necessary to be sure that our customers' needs are taken care of. Thanks for shopping at N Stuff Music!