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Mackie HR824 - 250 Watt 1x8.75" Studio Monitors (Pair) *USED*
Used Gear$449.99
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N Stuff Music is the place to get you started with all types of studio monitors whether they are for professional recording and mastering, or for recreational music listening. At N Stuff Music our selection of brand new and used studio monitors matches practically any of the big box stores and corporate chains out there. Musicians, engineers, and those looking to shop for affordability will be pleased to know that we have a wide selection of used studio monitors consistently available in our inventory. We understand that many musicians need the ability to shop affordably which is why we have sought to bring our used department to the forefront of the music industry.

Looking for reputable brands of studio monitors available used? You're at the right place, in our inventory we have in stock or have carried brands including Yamaha, JBL, Pre Sonus, Alesis, Mackie, Samson, Behringer, KRK, and others. If you're curious as to what's in stock or want to keep updated just check out our website and this category. We update our site constantly every single day so you will be kept thoroughly abreast of what studio monitors are currently available in our used stock.

There are a couple of important factors to consider when purchasing studio monitors. First, determine what size of monitor would be most applicable for your uses. If you're just looking for studio monitors to use in a home studio or for leisure music listening then you will not need something high powered. A 1x8" set of monitors would easily cover anything you'd need to do plus much more. You may want to consider even smaller depending on the location of the speakers and how much volume you'd need in which something like a 1x5" might be more appropriate for your needs.

For professional audio engineers and those who are looking for a set of monitors to mix and master music we recommend going no smaller than 1x8" monitors. 1x8" are a great size because they have an abundance of the frequency spectrum in their response, you can get pronounced lows and clarity in the highs, as well as enough punch in the mids. Bigger monitors will give you a wide spectrum of frequencies but are also going to be much larger and cost more so it is important to determine which style is best for you.

When purchasing from N Stuff Music you can be sure you are gaining quality because we test and inspect every piece of potential used gear that comes into our store. We then only accept it if it meets our standard for quality and can provide value to a future customer.