3rd Power Clean Sink MKII - 20 Watt 1x12" Guitar Combo - Black Tolex


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Combining and layering multiple amp voices has often been one of the “tricks” the pros have used to achieve their signature sounds. Based on the ‘clean’ channel of our flagship Kitchen Sink 6VEL amplifier, the CLEAN SINK MKII gives you the ability to do just that!

It features three blendable voices (American, AC or switchable AC Top Boost) that are managed by our proprietary Voice blend circuitry. Pan hard left and you have an American black-panel voicing, hard right and you have British AC tones, anywhere in between and you’re creating your own signature blend of iconic guitar tones.

Running on a pair of 6V6 power tubes, the 20W CLEAN SINK MKII delivers a full-bodied tone and punchy response thanks to our enhanced enclosure featuring our legendary triangle ported back baffle design. Our all-tube spring reverb, proprietary Hybrid-Master and Treble Damping control round out the features of this superb amplifier.

And like all of their hand-wired, point to point amplifiers, the CLEAN SINK MKII comes with a limited lifetime warranty for superb peace of mind.

The CLEAN SINK MKII features a VOICING knob that lets you blend (layer together) American and British clean tones. Pan hard left and you’re all American, hard right and you’re all British. Pan in the middle and you’re playing through both amp voices simultaneously. Each voice stays clean or breaks up as it should based on where the volume knob is set.

A great example of this would be to blend the AM with the AC for American Black-panel tones that stay clean and punchy while the British AC chime breaks up and sustains the same as playing through two separate amplifiers. See below for a description of each of the three individual amp voices available on the CLEAN SINK MKII.

The CLEAN SINK MKII features a mastering section to provide the tools you need to refine and enhance your tone. HYBRID-MASTER controls your overall volume. HF DAMP controls the overall high frequency content. The REVERB controls the overall sense of space to your sound. See below for a description of each control here in the mastering section of the amplifier.

The solid pine CLEAN SINK MKII 112 combo enclosure was designed to accommodate 12″ speakers of most sizes, including the Celestion Alnico Gold with its extended magnet bell design. The new design also includes a baltic Birch back panel that features 3P’s unique triangle port design to deliver your full frequency response with a clarity and punch that sounds more like a mastered record and won’t get lost in the mix.

This is the exact same tech principals we’ve utilized on our flagship amps and cabs including the American Dream, British Dream, Dual Citizen and helped contribute to the huge tones coaxed out of the original Dream Solo Series amplifiers.

-Three Blendable Voices (American, AC or AC Top Boost)
-Head and Combo Versions Available
-Hand-built PTP on Turret Boards in Nashville, TN
-Custom American-made Transformers
-American-made 12′′ WGS Green Beret Speaker (optional Celestion Alnico Gold 12″)
-Patented Hybrid-MASTER volume control
-Treble Damping Circuit for the perfect IEM mix
-Studio-quality Tube Driven Spring Reverb
-Enhanced 112 Combo Enclosure Design
-2 x JJ 6V6S power tubes (20W)
-Limited Lifetime Warranty

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3rd Power

We take great pride in every instrument that we sell. We fully inspect, set-up, and tune every instrument to ensure that you receive the best guitar or bass possible. So you can rest assured that with N Stuff Music you are in the best of hands before, during, and after your purchase.
Output Architecture: 2x Power Tubes (Class AB), Fixed Bias
Power Output: 20W (6V6)
Plate Voltage: 120V AC input yields ~425 V DC plate voltage
Output Impedance: 120V AC input yields ~425 V DC plate voltage
Speaker: WGS Green Beret 12″ Speaker (8 Ohms)
Controls: Volume, Voicing Pan Pot, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Hi-Freq. Damping, Hybrid-Master
Weight: 31 lbs.
Case Composition: 3/4 in. Solid Pine Cabinetry, Birch Front Baffle
Dimensions: 19.875″ (W) x 16″ (T) x 9.5″ (D)

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