Wrap N Strap 906M - 6" Cable Straps (6 Pack)


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Wrap-N-Strap is an adjustable rubber strap designed to neatly bundle musical and computer cables as well as midi, lighting and extension cords. Wrap-N-Strap can be used to neatly secure and store guitar, microphone and speaker cables. Wrap-N-Strap stays attached to the cord, so there’s no risk of losing or misplacing it. It eliminates tangled, messy cords by quickly and easily securing them into a neat, compact bundle, making them easier to move, store and keep track of.

Cleaner and more effective than Velcro Wrap-N-Strap will not collect dirt, get stuck to itself, come apart, lose strength or slide along the cable like Velcro. The rubber straps also do not leave a sticky residue on the cable, as does Velcro. Wrap-N-Strap is adjustable and reusable to fit any length of cord or cable time and time again. The straps come in six different colors, to make it easier for musicians to tell who is using which cable.

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Wrap N Strap

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