Boomerang III Looper Pedal


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If you want the looper that the pros use, this is the one. The Rang III is the best looper for live performance, bar none.

-Easily syncs to an external MIDI clock source. The MIDI Start and Stop commands are supported as well
-Flexibility provided by 4 distinct Play Styles
-3 or 4 loops - your choice
-Maximum recording time varies but can be as long as 35 minutes
-Stacking - "stacking" is adding a part to a loop (There is no limit to the number of parts you can stack.)
-Undo/Redo - the last part stacked can be muted, then played again or rerecorded
-Erase - loops can be erased one at a time or all at once; some loops can be erased while others plays
-Copy Loop - a complete loop can be copied whether it is playing or not
-Copy Live - this enables "re-sampling" and is very powerful; the pedal's output is routed to a new loop
-Octave - loop plays at half speed and an octave lower
-Reverse - loop plays backwards
-Once - loop plays one time through then stops or if already playing, it stops at its end
-Stutter - enables repeatedly starting a loop over before it plays all the way through, sort of like record scratching
-Fade - loop(s) fades in or out with one button press; fade time can be 3 to 43 seconds
-Reverse Solo - this is a built-in effect and enables you to create reverse leads live
-Two Sample Rates - 48KHz or 24KHz, both use 20 bit samples; through signal is always 48KHz / 24 bits
-Thru Mute Function - turns off through signal
-Expression Pedal Jack - connect an expression pedal for foot control of overall playback volume or Decay Rate
-Volume Knobs

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