Technilux Ultra-Gel 21"x24" Gel Sheets


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Ultra-Gel is a complete quality line of gels and filters for lighting applications. Using state of the art equipment these filters are manufactured by coating the surface of both sides of clear polyester film with a liquid colored lacquer. During the entire process an inline spectrophotometer ensures the proper color mixture and coating density. This method enables filters to be produced to a high degree of consistency and clarity of color. Filters create color by subtracting particular wavelengths of color out of a full spectrum light source, this is known as subtractive. As an example, a red gel absorbs blue and green, thus allowing only red wavelengths to pass. As a rule, the darker a color is, the more light it will absorb. Some filters are designed to shape light instead of change its color. Some examples of shaping may be to soften the edges of a light beam or widen the area of coverage. Many of our filters have Color Transmission Curve graphs attached. These graphs describe the wavelengths of color transmitted through the filter. The transmission percentage (T%) refers to the light that is allowed to pass through each filter. Always allow an air gap between any gel or filter and the light source. Actual gel colors may be different than they appear on your screen. Colors shown on this website are for relative comparison purposes only and may vary from monitor to monitor screen.

-Large Color Selection
-Surface Coated on Both Sides
-Wide Range of Filters
-Long Lasting with Superior Fade Resistance
-Large 21" x 24" Sheets
-High Color Stability
-High Temperature Tolerance
-Batch to Batch Uniformity
-Identification Label in Corner
-Non-Stick Paper Separator Between Sheets
-Base Material: Polyester film
-Melting Point: 356 degrees F to 375 degrees F
-Flame Retardant
-Thickness: colored gel types 3 - 4 mils, diffusion filter types 2 - 3 mils
-Life: Varies depending on color, instrument, lamp output, level of dimming and length of constant exposure to light
-Sheet Size: 21 x 24 inches
-Weight: 0.034Kgs / 0.075Lbs

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