Rentals Pittsburgh | N Stuff Music

At N Stuff Music you’ll find that we are in the business of taking care of all of your musical needs. Musicians, sound engineers, stage managers, and other types of performance based and entertainment workers often find themselves in need of gear but just for a temporary basis. This is where rental gear can be your blessing in disguise.

Looking to rent at N Stuff Music? There are several ways you can go about it. You can utilize our online rental request form to give us information including your name, your contact (both email and phone), what you are looking to rent, the duration and date of the rental, as well as any additional comments. Next, one of our rental representatives will be in contact with you to assess your situation and give you a price quote.

***Keep in mind that all rental requests whether online or by phone by customers must be completed in person in which customers provide a current and valid PA Driver’s License; exceptions to this are determined on a case by case basis.

After approving a rental request we then require a current and valid PA Driver’s License to be given in person and complete your rental form for date, duration, and equipment needed. Upon paying for the rental we give you the rental equipment or assist you in loading it into your vehicle depending on what’s being rented, and you can relax knowing you have quality gear that will get you through the gig perfectly.

Rental is one of the most personal aspects of our customer-driven business. We determine rentals to customers on a case by case basis as it requires mutual respect, responsibility, and proper treatment of our rental equipment. Loyal rental customers from N Stuff Music know that for quality and frequent customers we are glad to consistently rent to them and provide efficient access to the wide range of products we have available for rental.

Are you in need of rental gear for an event but not sure specifically what you might need? Describe to one of our rental representatives what your situation is and we will inform you and work with you to determine a rental package that will cover your event’s necessities.

You’ll find upon renting at N Stuff Music that we have a widespread selection of gear available for rent. For musicians in need of an instrument while yours is being repaired you can rent an assortment of different guitars (acoustic, electric, hollow body, nylon string), basses, drums, or percussion from us. You will find that we are also the top rental department for lighting and live sound gear so if you need a PA system and basic lighting rig to bring your show to the next level this is the place for you.

For the best in quality and affordable rental gear contact us at N Stuff Music!